Reel Nerds Podshow

Season 1

Ep. 1: Gay for RDJ

Seeking to elevate the profile of the Reel Nerds Podcast, Ryan insists he can secure an A-list celebrity to guest on his show. But Brad is confident that he can’t, so they engage in an unfriendly wager that leaves James caught in the middle.

Ep. 2: Extra-terror-estrial

Ryan and Brad devise a plan to revive the spirit of horror movies by terrorizing James with his greatest fear.

Ep. 3: Rival Podcast

After struggling to get better guests on the show, the Reel Nerds discover that they have some competition and struggle to understand if this rival podcast is more popular because of their reviews or that they have a girl in the group.

Ep. 4: Ghost Trappers

Having been threatened by the ghost of former co-host Zach Eastman, Ryan enlists the help of the Ghost Trappers to stop him.

Ep. 5: Jonathan Tiersten’s Human BBQ

Ryan gets an exclusive invitation from Jonathan Tiersten but quickly discovers it’s not the party he expected.

Ep. 6: Denver Comic-Con

Frustrated with his lack of celebrity, Ryan takes the podcast to Denver Comic-Con to obtain the exposure he craves. Includes guest appearances by comics superstars Georges Jeanty, Joe Kelly, and Zach Howard!

Bonus Videos

Reel Nerds Podshow Ep. 4 Teaser

Don't Cry Wolf Trailer

Reel Nerds Podshow Teaser



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